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Top 10 Activities to Do With a Sick or Dying Loved One



Top 10 Activities to Do With a Sick or Dying Loved One

Nicholas Kania from eFuneral, put together this wonderful list and we’ll address his top 10 ideas over the next two weeks to savor every moment with a sick loved one.  Check out the top 5 below:

1) Scrapbook with Family Photos – Pull out the old photo albums and select special ones to include in your scrapbook.  As your loved one shares fond memories, capture them on inscriptions.    If you want to take the next step and do a photo memorial tribute, Celebrate Me Home can help.  

family scrapbook page

2) Start a Family Tree – One of the most frustrating things for those experiencing memory loss is the inability to remember family members.  Creating a family tree with pictures and brief text explaining each person can be both a fun DIY project and an indispensable tool for your relative. 

family tree3) Watch Home Movies – Fix a favorite snack and gather around the TV to watch family movies.  Another great way to bond with family members and reminisce about happy times.

4) Cuddle and play with an animal – Playing with animals oftentimes brings back memories of childhood and provides a sense of purpose if your love one cares for a pet.

5) Plant a Memory Garden – Carve out an easy spot to get to and plant a small garden.  The plants will serve as a living memorial to your loved one.  Even after they are gone, you and your family will be able to care for the garden and relive memories of creating it.  To honor a lost loved one, check out Celebrate Me Home’s Sympathy Gifts for beautiful plantable seed cards.  

Next week, we’ll review more good ideas to do with a loved one.


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