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“Green” Baby Boomers

Today, America’s Baby Boomer eco-conscious population will be noted in history as the generation responsible for changing the world.

old time familyBoomers have demanded organic, non-pesticide treated, non-genetically modified food. They have broadened our horizons by co-mingling different religions to find the right fit for them.  Boomers choose barefoot running, hot yoga, high intensity training and spinning classes.

They have orchestrated their health, wealth, retirement and their own deaths. They are choosing to preplan their own memorials, designing them to fit their unique personality. It is no surprise the Baby Boomer generation is demanding eco-friendly funeral options and an “Out with a Bang” memorial celebration.

Celebrate Me Home was created to support families desiring a “Celebration of Life”. Working with you, a one-of-a kind ceremony is created to reflect your unique personality and style.  Celebrate Me Home supports families who want to by-pass the funeral home experience and choose cremation.

With boomers increasingly choosing cremation, rates are on the rise and projected to reach 54.4% making it the preferred choice of body disposition. The environmentally conscious can choose an alternative to the flame based cremation and choose “resomation” (alkaline hydrolysis), which uses less energy and releases no carbon into the atmosphere.

salt urn

The choices for their life celebration; choosing to go out in a big way or surrounded by just close family and friends, may separate the average Baby Boomer. However; staying true to their individuality is what unites them.

Celebrate Your Life With Friends, One Last Time

If you knew you would be gone soon, would you have one last party – to say good-bye and enjoy your friends? This woman wants just that, a Living Memorial.

PartyShe is not alone, many people agree with her – they want a big bash, but only if they can be there for it.

Whether you are planning your own life celebration with a Living Memorial, or getting your affairs in order to make it easier on your loved ones, Celebrate Me Home can help. We can help you plan ahead, or manage all the details at the time of a loss; you are not alone. We are here to support you.

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