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Don’t Sweat the Process…Preplanning made easy

Americans plan everything; marriage, children, college, retirement and vacations are all meticulously planned out. Research shows that 70% of Americans have life insurance policies, 55% have an estate plan or will, and yet preplanning your life’s celebration causes hesitation.

Why is this? Americans say memorial planning is a process that they are reluctant to begin.

Funeral preplanning doesn’t have to be difficult and should be considered, because every year over two million Americans are required to plan for the immediate loss of a loved one. The responsibility of planning a funeral while dealing with a loss is the most difficult time to arrange a memorial. Whether choosing a traditional funeral with burial or cremation, planning when in the troughs of emotion, often results in costly overspending, unnecessary stress and confusion.
Preplanning a personalized memorial helps to protect the financial future of your loved ones and recording personal wishes, grants families the ability to know exactly what their loved one wants.



To start the process contact Celebrate Me Home for a free Memorial Planning Guide. The guide is easy to follow and helps to keep all of your memorial wishes in one place.


Our compassionate Memorial Planners will walk you through every step of the process, helping answer questions and easing the process. Celebrate Me Home offers a free in-home, no-obligation consultation. A variety of memorial packages are available or you can choose from the a la carte menu to create a completely customized ceremony, one that fits your wishes and your budget.

Pre-planning is a very tangible act that anyone can do to not only take care of their family, but helps to make things as easy on them as possible when the inevitable occurs.



Taboo Talk

The subject of death and its inevitable end of life consequences has become social taboo. The idea of speaking about death, an imminent loss, or even a terminal illness cause people to resort to passing the information through whispers or worse…code!
For the silent generation, taking care of their dead was common place, and dealing with mourning and grief just came with the territory. The body of their loved one was lovingly cared for, dressed in their Sunday best and laid out in their home for days, without embalming. This was the only funeral option families had.

home funeral scene
Over the last few decades families have slowly moved away from taking care of their own dead and sought the replacement of the sterility and industry of the funeral home. No longer did families handle all the details involved in memorializing their loved one. Instead they entrusted their loved one to the business of the funeral home. Inadvertently, changing the way we look upon death. Death and dying once thought of as common and a normal part of life, were now looked upon as an uncertain, unknown process. To be dealt with in a cold funeral home basement. Funeral and mourning rituals and the grief process became the same for everyone in every situation. The cookie cutter funeral was invented!
Now, the Baby Boomer generation, which is responsible for so many changes in their lifetime, again is changing our perspectives on death. The Conversation Project, death café’s and Celebrate Me Home were designed to help families feel comfortable talking about death. Most importantly discussing and documenting how one wants be remembered. Check out Celebrate Me Home’s FREE Memorial Planning Guide for help in starting the conversation.

Because of this, cremation is on the rise and expected to reach 50% of the population’s choice for body disposition by the year 2017. By choosing direct cremation and by-passing the traditional funeral, families are often at a loss on how to begin the process of memorializing a loved one.
Celebrate Me Home’s compassionate Memorial Planners help to make final wishes known and supports families in their time of loss. Creating your own memorial plan has proven to reduce families stress, help families find peace of mind, knowing they are following their loved one’s wishes, and reduces the risk of over spending due to grief. Contact Celebrate Me Home (203)221-6885, providing help and support to you and your family.

The Value of Conversation

caring cards fanCelebrate Me Home is a unique end of life service that supports families in preplanning and at the time of a loss.  As a Memorial Planner, it is my responsibility to gather personal information regarding their funeral and cremation wishes.CMH-Planning-Guide-140x180

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to a “Thank You” breakfast in support of our local VNA.  The food was wonderful and the guests were friendly, making it an enjoyable morning. Everyone was finishing, when the keynote speaker took the microphone.

Kathie Nitz is a life coach and a motivational speaker.   Outside of her biography in the program, I knew nothing about her. As Kathie began to speak, her gentle, confident manner made it easy to listen and as she began her story I was touched. Kathie’s mother has Alzheimer’s, a devastating disease that effects memory and eventually results in death. There are very little treatment options and no cure.


Losing the ability to remember makes it extremely difficult for families to converse with their loved ones.  Families feel the pressure to “talk while they still can” and often become frustrated by the varying paths their conversations now take.

Kathie became aware of this through her own personal experience with her mom. Instead of resorting to conversations regarding the mundane, Kathie saw this as an opportunity. She realized the value and importance of personal conversation, creating conversation starters to help families find innovative ways to “talk” with their family member. Kathie created Caring Cards.

Caring Cards are an innovative way to start a conversation.  She writes, “I was inspired to create these cards as a way to connect with my mom.”


caring cards jpgcaring cards jpgcaring cards caring cardscaring cardsEach card in the deck asks a thought provoking question, designed to promote the sharing of stories, feelings, memories and wisdom. Helping promote a connection and a feeling of being valued and important, creating a legacy to be cherished!

As most of my days are spent in the company of seniors, I have found them to be intelligent, wise and extremely funny. They all have value and important life stories that should be shared. We all should spend some time using Kathie’s Caring Cards and speak with a senior. Start the conversation on how they would like to be remembered. Find out what makes them unique! They have so much to teach us and with Caring Cards you can easily find a place to start listening!


We Can Be Anything We Want To Be!

Cremation is on the rise. Cremation costs approximately $5,000 less than a traditional funeral with burial, even though for some this is the driving factor, for others it means a more natural approach to death and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Celebrate Me Home realizes that death is personal. The cremation option allows for personalization and flexibility for families to honor their lost loved one on their terms.


A chart that shows the growth of cremation

The increase in the cremation rate is projecting that “1 out of 2 Americans” will be cremated by 2017. No longer will we have the time constraints traditional funerals forced on us. Cremation allows us to be more creative in how we want to be remembered. For instance, George Alan Thompson II, Big Al, was a fishing enthusiast; now his cremains are a reef in his favorite fishing spot. His wife felt a sense of joy knowing for eternity Big Al would be a natural part of an environment he always loved.

With cremation, you can keep your loved one with you or send them into space. You can show case them in an urn that reflects a favorite hobby, sport or rock band. You can create a piece of garden art or beautiful jewelry, or you can choose a bio-degradable urn made of paper and embedded with flower seeds ready to plant. Your wishes will be met with Celebrate Me Home.  Only your imagination limits your celebration.


A Memorial Should Reflect You!

In Monica Williams-Murphy’s recent article, How Baby Boomers Will Change End of Life Care, she writes “expect more non-traditional, cost conscious funeral preparations”.   Monica tells the story of how she and her husband drove his deceased father in a full-sized casket across multiple states in an SUV to save on flight costs for the casket and her family.  She said it “turned into a trip that gave final closure to the whole family, saved thousands of dollars, and felt like an adventure!”

Monica’s story highlights that Baby Boomers, are used to doing it their own way and changing every consumer service they use, are opting for less traditional send-offs.  Sometimes the reasons are economical but oftentimes the driving factor in shying away from the traditional funeral is a desire to focus more on the life of the person and not the body.

Enter Celebrate Me Home ®.   A company created to support boomers and families that want an alternative to the traditional funeral.  Baby boomers also want to check things off the list now, so we help those preplanning their funeral or assist families after a loss.

A Memorial ReefA Memorial Reef

 Whether you want something small, quiet and reserved – or over the top like a Memorial Reef– Celebrate Me Home® can make a seemingly daunting task simple.  There are several Memorial Themes to help guide in preplanning, or you can create something completely unique that matches your life and personality.

When it’s time, CMH will coordinate with family and friends to be sure everything comes off just as you planned.


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