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Celebrating Mother’s Day without Mom

Once you lose your Mother, everyday is different. If you are a Baby Boomer, you were probably raised by a stay at home Mom. She took care of all your basic needs, eating, sleeping and cleanliness. She was responsible for your education, helping you solve a difficult math problem or making sure your homework was completed. She was your disciplinarian when you broke the rules and your accomplice when “Dad didn’t need to know.” She was a lot of things, and just one thing – Mom, and because she was “Just a Mom”, she probably never got the respect she deserved.

mom and kids

Now as an adult, with children of your own, you realize the importance and unconditional love only a Mother can have for her children. On Mother’s day, this can be especially hard when your Mom is no longer with you. Celebrate Me Home helps families create lasting memories; a memorial photo tribute is a way to gather memories and share them with future generations.

As a Mother myself, I realize all children to some degree, take their Mother’s love for granted. You can count the stages of your life by the relationships you had with your Mom. As a small child you cried when you were away from her. As a teenager anything your Mom did, said or wore mortified you. When you were a young adult she started to become your friend, and only when you had children of your own did you fully understand the complex love of Mother and child.

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate Mom, whether she is with you, if she lives far away or if she has passed away. Celebrate your Mother by finding the gifts of her life- the values she instilled and the lessons she taught.

  • *Greeting Cards were made for Mother’s day! So write your Mother a note, make sure to include what made her special, your fondest memories and      what you have learned from her.
  • *Participate in an activity your Mom loved, garden, bake, or watch her favorite movie.
  • *Display Moms favorite items  
  • *Play her favorite games
  • *Donate to her favorite charity

Another way to honor Mom is to celebrate all the Moms you know. Gather together and share memories and stories, favorite recipes and photoalbums.Celebrate Me Home helps to families create lasting life legacies. A living life celebration can be tailored to fit the unique personality of your Mom, her values and her family. Honoring your Mom and celebrating her life story.celebrating Mothers

 No matter how you choose to remember your Mom on this Mothers Day. Remember, she’s your Mom; she loves you no matter what!

The Value of Conversation

caring cards fanCelebrate Me Home is a unique end of life service that supports families in preplanning and at the time of a loss.  As a Memorial Planner, it is my responsibility to gather personal information regarding their funeral and cremation wishes.CMH-Planning-Guide-140x180

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to a “Thank You” breakfast in support of our local VNA.  The food was wonderful and the guests were friendly, making it an enjoyable morning. Everyone was finishing, when the keynote speaker took the microphone.

Kathie Nitz is a life coach and a motivational speaker.   Outside of her biography in the program, I knew nothing about her. As Kathie began to speak, her gentle, confident manner made it easy to listen and as she began her story I was touched. Kathie’s mother has Alzheimer’s, a devastating disease that effects memory and eventually results in death. There are very little treatment options and no cure.


Losing the ability to remember makes it extremely difficult for families to converse with their loved ones.  Families feel the pressure to “talk while they still can” and often become frustrated by the varying paths their conversations now take.

Kathie became aware of this through her own personal experience with her mom. Instead of resorting to conversations regarding the mundane, Kathie saw this as an opportunity. She realized the value and importance of personal conversation, creating conversation starters to help families find innovative ways to “talk” with their family member. Kathie created Caring Cards.

Caring Cards are an innovative way to start a conversation.  She writes, “I was inspired to create these cards as a way to connect with my mom.”


caring cards jpgcaring cards jpgcaring cards caring cardscaring cardsEach card in the deck asks a thought provoking question, designed to promote the sharing of stories, feelings, memories and wisdom. Helping promote a connection and a feeling of being valued and important, creating a legacy to be cherished!

As most of my days are spent in the company of seniors, I have found them to be intelligent, wise and extremely funny. They all have value and important life stories that should be shared. We all should spend some time using Kathie’s Caring Cards and speak with a senior. Start the conversation on how they would like to be remembered. Find out what makes them unique! They have so much to teach us and with Caring Cards you can easily find a place to start listening!


“Green” Baby Boomers

Today, America’s Baby Boomer eco-conscious population will be noted in history as the generation responsible for changing the world.

old time familyBoomers have demanded organic, non-pesticide treated, non-genetically modified food. They have broadened our horizons by co-mingling different religions to find the right fit for them.  Boomers choose barefoot running, hot yoga, high intensity training and spinning classes.

They have orchestrated their health, wealth, retirement and their own deaths. They are choosing to preplan their own memorials, designing them to fit their unique personality. It is no surprise the Baby Boomer generation is demanding eco-friendly funeral options and an “Out with a Bang” memorial celebration.

Celebrate Me Home was created to support families desiring a “Celebration of Life”. Working with you, a one-of-a kind ceremony is created to reflect your unique personality and style.  Celebrate Me Home supports families who want to by-pass the funeral home experience and choose cremation.

With boomers increasingly choosing cremation, rates are on the rise and projected to reach 54.4% making it the preferred choice of body disposition. The environmentally conscious can choose an alternative to the flame based cremation and choose “resomation” (alkaline hydrolysis), which uses less energy and releases no carbon into the atmosphere.

salt urn

The choices for their life celebration; choosing to go out in a big way or surrounded by just close family and friends, may separate the average Baby Boomer. However; staying true to their individuality is what unites them.

Taking Control of Your Funeral

Celebrate Me Home, is a unique end of life planning service, providing guidance and support with all your memorial preplanning needs.  The memorial planning guide is an invaluable resource, helping to record all your memorial wishes.


Planning your own memorial service in advance not only allows you to design and specify the type of service you’d prefer; whether it be cremation or burial, but it also provides peace of mind for you and your family – who should be celebrating your life and joyous memories, not worrying about all the details

. recently reported the top 5 reasons to preplan your memorial.

1.       You will have control. Wouldn’t you want to have more control over your live and death? Pre-planning provides you power to make decisions regarding how and where you’ll be laid to rest, what type of ceremony you would like, burial, and/or cremation, even what type of prayer cards and memorial stationery you would like, and a host of other considerations that would otherwise be left up to mourning-loved ones.


2.       Loved ones in mourning frequently do not make smart financial decisions. Purchasing costly burial merchandise during times of grief often cause emotional overspending.

3.       Personal views are changing the way death is being viewed. Different generations want different things. Baby boomers want a more individualized memorial service; Generation Xers may choose a “Greener” cremation/burial option; while most consumers are choosing the focus to be on their life story, not on the loss.

4.       Preplanning helps to avoid debt. Frequently the children of families facing death are responsible financially for funeral, burial or cremation costs.

5. Death is a part of life. Death should be celebrated and prepared for, just like you would for a wedding, birth, college or retirement.

To order your free memorial planning guide visit,

The Healing Process

We all have a special purpose, so we should share the meaning of our lives and celebrate with family and friends. Everyone has a unique story to tell, so why should we end that story with a mundane closing (funeral)?

The Baby Boomer generation has led the charge from the traditional, cookie-cutter funeral to a one of a kind celebration of life. Get this, the family of a nurse that passed away, recently, didn’t just throw the traditional flowers on the casket. But, also placed bandages on her casket. The Band-Aids were symbolic of her life’s work and the gift of healing and the comfort she brought to so many.

Creating a celebration of life that exudes your loved one’s life and passions help those left behind. Being able to celebrate a loved one’s death honors their life’s journey.


Celebrate Me Home ™ will work with you to create a meaningful ceremony that celebrates your loved one’s life.  After all, we need to celebrate the individual’s time on earth and what they meant to us.  They would want it that way.

What is a Celebrate Me Home Celebrant?

By definition, a celebrant is someone who is trained and certified to officiate over a ceremony. That ceremony can be anything – a wedding, religious event, a funeral, or a memorial service. Most clergy are considered celebrants since they perform religious ceremonies on a regular basis.

candleCelebrate Me Home Certified Life Celebrants are trained to officiate at memorial events and will collaborate to create a unique ceremony to Honor a Life’s Legacy™. This is more than just a funeral celebrant or master of ceremonies. CMH Celebrants work with our Memorial Planners as a team, the celebrant and planner create a personal and lasting tribute, either following a theme, or creating something completely unique and related to the person’s life.

CMH Celebrants are specialists with a sound background in the history of ritual, ceremony and funeral traditions for many cultures, traditions, and religions. The family or the pre-planner always has the final say on all plans; CMH is there to manage and execute the plan.

While the ceremony is being created, our Memorial Planners handle all details including obituary writing and distribution, memorial service invitations, memorial website, reception, funeral, memorial service, and even funding – much like a wedding planner.

Why Plan Ahead with Celebrate Me Home®?

Most major life events are planned – birthdays, weddings, mitzvahs, reunions, graduations, retirement.

“The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

Death and taxes are inevitable – you plan for taxes, whether you are a do-it-yourself person, or you hire an expert. So why not plan a life celebration in advance? We say, let’s do it!

By planning ahead, you get what you want. There’s no guessing left to grieving family members, what would he or she want? You’ve already worked out the details with a Celebrate Me Home® Memorial Event Planner– including funding your life celebration. Your family can focus on the fun memories of you and the wonderful life you had.

It’s estimated there are about 150 decisions and tasks to complete in the first 24-48 hours after a death. It’s no wonder 35% of funerals are preplanned and the number is growing. Planning ahead takes the pressure off loved ones, and leaves you feeling confident that everything is in order. It also ensures that money is spent on what’s important to you and that no one is pressured into unwanted services or options.


Whether you want something small, quiet and reserved – or over the top like Robert Duval’s character Felix Bush in the movie Get Low – Celebrate Me Home® knows how to make a seemingly daunting task simple. There are several Memorial Themes to help guide in preplanning, or you can create something completely unique that matches your life and personality.

When it’s time, CMH will coordinate with family and friends to be sure everything comes off just as you planned.

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