Thank you for taking the time to think of yourself for a moment.  Whether you’ve been a family caregiver or in eldercare support for an extended period or only a short time, you are to be commended for taking responsibility and helping those in need.

Celebrate Me Home supports families by providing family caregivers and eldercare organizations with meaningful information and resources about preplanning final arrangements.

To assist family caregivers, eldercare professionals and those you serve, please check out the many resources we’ve included on our website, including planning ahead, what to do when a death occurs and the importance of funerals in the grieving process.

Waiting until after a death to make final arrangements is the hardest time to learn how to navigate the funeral process.  Yet most people put off thinking about these difficult issues until they’re forced to face them.

Benefits of planning ahead:

  • Opens up the conversation with a loved one on how they want to be remembered and their final wishes.
  • Creates opportunities to reflect and reminisce, helping with the anticipatory grief process.
  • Caregivers feel a sense of completion and comfort knowing they will honor their parent or loved one in a special and personalized way.
  • Knowing that affairs are in order frees you up to enjoy relationships and live in the moment.
  • Alleviates the anxiety over the unspoken and the unknown and eliminates the pressure of last minute decisions.