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Taking Control of Your Funeral

Celebrate Me Home, is a unique end of life planning service, providing guidance and support with all your memorial preplanning needs.  The memorial planning guide is an invaluable resource, helping to record all your memorial wishes.


Planning your own memorial service in advance not only allows you to design and specify the type of service you’d prefer; whether it be cremation or burial, but it also provides peace of mind for you and your family – who should be celebrating your life and joyous memories, not worrying about all the details

. recently reported the top 5 reasons to preplan your memorial.

1.       You will have control. Wouldn’t you want to have more control over your live and death? Pre-planning provides you power to make decisions regarding how and where you’ll be laid to rest, what type of ceremony you would like, burial, and/or cremation, even what type of prayer cards and memorial stationery you would like, and a host of other considerations that would otherwise be left up to mourning-loved ones.


2.       Loved ones in mourning frequently do not make smart financial decisions. Purchasing costly burial merchandise during times of grief often cause emotional overspending.

3.       Personal views are changing the way death is being viewed. Different generations want different things. Baby boomers want a more individualized memorial service; Generation Xers may choose a “Greener” cremation/burial option; while most consumers are choosing the focus to be on their life story, not on the loss.

4.       Preplanning helps to avoid debt. Frequently the children of families facing death are responsible financially for funeral, burial or cremation costs.

5. Death is a part of life. Death should be celebrated and prepared for, just like you would for a wedding, birth, college or retirement.

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“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”

Just like in every aspect of their lives, Baby Boomers strive for control over their end-of-life decisions.

Boomer S.S.

Boomers want to be remembered for the way they lived.  They want their final remembrance to be a “Life Celebration”, focusing on the positive aspects and achievements of their lives. Gone are the somber traditional funeral services of their parent’s generations, where mourners wept over the embalmed body.

Nothing intimidates their celebration, not even the prospect of death. Funeral Homes have reported a 10.2% increase in their preplanning revenue, with their average customer being 63 years old. Pre-planning insures you will be remembered how you choose. Boomers also find great satisfaction knowing their families’ responsibilities will be eased in their time of loss.

The trend is for a more personalized ceremony that honors the life. Contact Celebrate Me Home for more information on how to preplan a unique memorial ceremony that is designed to represent your individuality.


Celebrate Your Life With Friends, One Last Time

If you knew you would be gone soon, would you have one last party – to say good-bye and enjoy your friends? This woman wants just that, a Living Memorial.

PartyShe is not alone, many people agree with her – they want a big bash, but only if they can be there for it.

Whether you are planning your own life celebration with a Living Memorial, or getting your affairs in order to make it easier on your loved ones, Celebrate Me Home can help. We can help you plan ahead, or manage all the details at the time of a loss; you are not alone. We are here to support you.

There Are Many Reasons To Plan Ahead For A Final Farewell

There are many reasons to plan ahead when it comes to your funeral. Many times it’s a matter of getting your affairs in order, so your wishes are known and carried out – especially if you want those left behind to do something specific to celebrate your life.

Planning ahead for a loved one also allows you to be more present, and be able to enjoy memories and friendships instead of worrying about details or feeling like the entire event is a fuzzy memory, like Tiffany in this video.

TiffanyWhatever your reasons for planning ahead, know that Celebrate Me Home can help you create the perfect send-off, for yourself or your loved one.

Capturing The Spirit Of The Person As You Say Good-Bye


When it’s time to say good-bye to someone loved by so many, capturing the person’s spirit helps to celebrate who they are and why they matter.

Like this couple, many people make plans in advance so their families can grieve, heal and reflect on the individual’s life.


 This woman wants to be sure people leave with good memories, not just tears and sadness.

BigSpreadIf you need help creating a service that expresses personality, Celebrate Me Home can help with Memorial Themes. We will collaborate with you to create a very special celebration of life.


Celebrating The Beauty of Life, Even In Death

How you are remembered by loved ones when you are gone is very important to many people.

In the movie Life is Beautiful, this sentiment is seen its truest form between a father and his young son; both are prisoners in a camp during the Holocaust. During his final moments in the bleakest of situations, the father wants only positive, fun, good memories for his child.


Guido Orefice, (Roberto Benigni) realizes he’s likely marching to his death, he sees his son, Giosuè (Giorgio Cantarini). He smiles, winks, and pretends he is marching in a game.

Even when faced with death, we are not alone, and can smile through many of the tears. Celebrate Me Home™ Memorial Planners help to keep the focus on life and its beauty, celebrating life during the transition from earthly life to eternal life.

Only imagination limits the scope and venue of a memorial service. Celebrate Me Home™ Memorial Planners can create a completely unique and custom celebration, or there are several Memorial Themes™ from which to choose.

How will you be remembered? How do you want to be remembered?

CEO/Founder Pam Franco on MNN TV in New York: Helping Create The Perfect Memorial Service

From traditional to outlandish, there are many ways to remember a lost loved one. CEO and founder of Celebrate Me Home, Pam Franco, was featured this February on Something To Offer, a television show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

In this segment from the show, Franco talks about creating just the right memorial service, using a Celebrate Me Home® Memorial Theme™ or by starting with a blank canvas and creating something uniquely tailored to the individual.

We are Memorial Planners, who support families in handling all the details, so they can focus on the good memories or enjoy the final days of their loved ones.

If you know how you’d like to be remembered, Celebrate Me Home can help you plan ahead and create the perfect service. If you’ve just lost a loved one, we are here to help you capture the spirit and personality of the person – a special memorial ceremony or event to Honor A Life’s Legacy™ of a special person.

The only limitation is your imagination.

From Stray To Woman’s Best Friend: Dog Continues To Go To Mass

Dogs often are referred to as man’s best friend, and there are plenty of examples, which seem to validate the statement. Television, movies, and real life stories are in abundance – dogs saving or rescuing their human owners, sniffing out diseases before medical techniques can find problems, and of course service dogs which help so many live independently.

Recently, a woman in San Donaci, Italy, passed away, but her 7-year-old German shepherd Tommy continued their tradition.  Tommy went to daily mass with his owner and even joined mourners for her funeral mass.  Every day for a month after the bells rang, Tommy would return to church and lay in the spot where his owner’s casket sat.  He would stay quietly next to the altar for each service. Since the dog often had accompanied his owner, parishioners and staff did not mind. In fact, they supplied dog food, water and a place nearby for Tommy to sleep. Tommy was a stray who had been adopted by the woman.


Who doesn’t know Lassie? Or the movie Hatchi: A Dog’s Tale, based on a true story and starring Richard Gere? There are countless stories of loyal best friends and their human keepers.  The photo of a dog lying near the casket of his fallen Navy SEAL human in 2011 went viral – no explanation needed.

It’s no wonder dogs and other pets are used for therapy with humans, clearly they are in touch with some of the same emotions and grieving as people.

Pet owners who plan ahead for their own final days usually make plans for their beloved quadrupeds, and who could blame them? If dogs and pets are part of your life, Celebrate Me Home ™ will be sure they are part of your plan when your days on earth come to end.

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Our Story Will Keep Us Alive

What would it be like to live forever? We have all pondered that idea.

In the film “Big Fish”, Edward Bloom (Albert Finney) and his son Will (Billy Crudup) have an estranged relationship because Will distrusts his father stories.  Only on his father’s death bed, does Will realize that his father’s stories were true…just exaggerated.

When his own son is born, Will passes on his father’s stories, remarking that his father became his stories, which allowed him to live forever!

big-fish-17Will (Billy Crudup) holding Edward Bloom (Albert Finney) for his send-off as the Big Fish

We all have a story to tell and Celebrate Me Home ™ Memorial Planners can immortalize you by designing a memorial service that embodies your life story.

At Celebrate Me Home™ Memorial Planners, we love this movie because it captures our vision of telling ‘your story” through a life celebration. Imagine your family and friends reliving your life stories through the tears and the laughter.

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Death in Perspective: A Natural Extension of Life

Have you ever met a mortician?


Well, meet Caitlin Doughty, who is a young woman who happened to take her interest in death and make it a livelihood as a Mortician, while still having a normal life.

Now, she is putting a friendly face to a heavy topic. She feels we need to make light of our own mortality, since it is an extension of our lives and should not be shoved into a closet.  She says coming to terms with death, can actually improve your life.  It has for her!

Thanks to Caitlin for putting a welcoming face to death because it’s not something we should be scared of….it is something that we need to accept.

At Celebrate Me Home ™  we create celebrations of life that Honor a Life’s Legacy ™.  We can help you pre-plan your own or create a ceremony for a loved one that truly captures their time on earth.

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