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Party For The Departed

Announcing Celebrate Me Home’s Online Do-It-Yourself Memorial Planner™


Celebrate Me Home™ (CMH) has developed the first ever online planner to create unique, personal memorials services.   With Celebrate Me Home’s Do-It-Yourself Memorial Planner™, you can create a customized celebration for someone you love – after they are gone, at the time of need, or even in advance – at a cost that fits any budget.  It’s all online at – ideas, themes, supplies – whatever you need, even assistance from a staff member.

Love continues, long after someone has died. When you look back at services for lost loved ones, you’ll want to be sure it honors their legacy, their life, who they were. What better way to ensure that special memorial, than to create it yourself?

The only limitation is your imagination.

With about half of Americans opting for cremation, many families are planning a very tailored memorial service for their loved one, as an alternative to a traditional funeral. Celebrate Me Home’s DIY Memorial Planner™ was developed to support the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) trend.

Bernadette Plescia, CMO, says “A DIY memorial is more meaningful, more customized, more flexible, and can be held at a location significant to the deceased. There are no rules, just your imagination to create a unique memorial event to celebrate the life and honor the legacy of the person you love – and it’s all under your control and within your budget – starting at only $9.99.”

Users can create a one-of-a-kind memorial tribute using the extensive libraries of prayers, poems and songs — or start with a Memorial Theme with preselected choices.  Create a simple memorial service, or order merchandise such as personalized prayer cards, thank you notes and guest books that ship right to your door.

For more information, or to view the instructional video, visit, or contact Celebrate Me Home at 203.221.6885.


Don’t Sweat the Process…Preplanning made easy

Americans plan everything; marriage, children, college, retirement and vacations are all meticulously planned out. Research shows that 70% of Americans have life insurance policies, 55% have an estate plan or will, and yet preplanning your life’s celebration causes hesitation.

Why is this? Americans say memorial planning is a process that they are reluctant to begin.

Funeral preplanning doesn’t have to be difficult and should be considered, because every year over two million Americans are required to plan for the immediate loss of a loved one. The responsibility of planning a funeral while dealing with a loss is the most difficult time to arrange a memorial. Whether choosing a traditional funeral with burial or cremation, planning when in the troughs of emotion, often results in costly overspending, unnecessary stress and confusion.
Preplanning a personalized memorial helps to protect the financial future of your loved ones and recording personal wishes, grants families the ability to know exactly what their loved one wants.



To start the process contact Celebrate Me Home for a free Memorial Planning Guide. The guide is easy to follow and helps to keep all of your memorial wishes in one place.


Our compassionate Memorial Planners will walk you through every step of the process, helping answer questions and easing the process. Celebrate Me Home offers a free in-home, no-obligation consultation. A variety of memorial packages are available or you can choose from the a la carte menu to create a completely customized ceremony, one that fits your wishes and your budget.

Pre-planning is a very tangible act that anyone can do to not only take care of their family, but helps to make things as easy on them as possible when the inevitable occurs.



“Green” Baby Boomers

Today, America’s Baby Boomer eco-conscious population will be noted in history as the generation responsible for changing the world.

old time familyBoomers have demanded organic, non-pesticide treated, non-genetically modified food. They have broadened our horizons by co-mingling different religions to find the right fit for them.  Boomers choose barefoot running, hot yoga, high intensity training and spinning classes.

They have orchestrated their health, wealth, retirement and their own deaths. They are choosing to preplan their own memorials, designing them to fit their unique personality. It is no surprise the Baby Boomer generation is demanding eco-friendly funeral options and an “Out with a Bang” memorial celebration.

Celebrate Me Home was created to support families desiring a “Celebration of Life”. Working with you, a one-of-a kind ceremony is created to reflect your unique personality and style.  Celebrate Me Home supports families who want to by-pass the funeral home experience and choose cremation.

With boomers increasingly choosing cremation, rates are on the rise and projected to reach 54.4% making it the preferred choice of body disposition. The environmentally conscious can choose an alternative to the flame based cremation and choose “resomation” (alkaline hydrolysis), which uses less energy and releases no carbon into the atmosphere.

salt urn

The choices for their life celebration; choosing to go out in a big way or surrounded by just close family and friends, may separate the average Baby Boomer. However; staying true to their individuality is what unites them.

Taking Control of Your Funeral

Celebrate Me Home, is a unique end of life planning service, providing guidance and support with all your memorial preplanning needs.  The memorial planning guide is an invaluable resource, helping to record all your memorial wishes.


Planning your own memorial service in advance not only allows you to design and specify the type of service you’d prefer; whether it be cremation or burial, but it also provides peace of mind for you and your family – who should be celebrating your life and joyous memories, not worrying about all the details

. recently reported the top 5 reasons to preplan your memorial.

1.       You will have control. Wouldn’t you want to have more control over your live and death? Pre-planning provides you power to make decisions regarding how and where you’ll be laid to rest, what type of ceremony you would like, burial, and/or cremation, even what type of prayer cards and memorial stationery you would like, and a host of other considerations that would otherwise be left up to mourning-loved ones.


2.       Loved ones in mourning frequently do not make smart financial decisions. Purchasing costly burial merchandise during times of grief often cause emotional overspending.

3.       Personal views are changing the way death is being viewed. Different generations want different things. Baby boomers want a more individualized memorial service; Generation Xers may choose a “Greener” cremation/burial option; while most consumers are choosing the focus to be on their life story, not on the loss.

4.       Preplanning helps to avoid debt. Frequently the children of families facing death are responsible financially for funeral, burial or cremation costs.

5. Death is a part of life. Death should be celebrated and prepared for, just like you would for a wedding, birth, college or retirement.

To order your free memorial planning guide visit,

Out With a Bang!

Out With a Bang!

Walter passed away March 9, 2014. He was 81 years old. Walter’s obituary was humorous, inspiring and written by Walter himself! He had started writing his obituary years ago, where he left just a few blank spaces (his actual deceased date) for his wife of 59 years to fill in.

Writing yCMH-Planning-Guide-140x180our own obituary is gaining in popularity, with the help of Celebrate Me Home’s memorial planning guide, recording your personal thoughts and wishes is an easy way to begin the process.


 Being true to honor the unique individual Walter was his family proudly placed Walter’s epitaph in the local paper and on Walter’s facebook page, right next to a picture of his favorite meal, schnitzel and beer.

Walter chose a simple memorial service and cremation, “since his wife refused to honor his request to be posed standing in a corner with a glass of Jack Daniels in his hand.”

Celebrate Me Home helps to inspire and support families in fulfilling their loved one’s final wishes.

Celebrate Me Home’s Out With a Bang! memorial theme is designed to represent the unique spirit of a loved one who enjoyed and found whimsy in life, and who always lived life to the fullest.  It seems Walter, in his unique and creative way, left an indelible mark on the memories of his loved ones. Walter went out with a bang!







Celebrate Me Home’s memorial planning guide

Top 10 Activities to Do With a Sick or Dying Loved One



Top 10 Activities to Do With a Sick or Dying Loved One

Nicholas Kania from eFuneral, put together this wonderful list and we’ll address his top 10 ideas over the next two weeks to savor every moment with a sick loved one.  Check out the top 5 below:

1) Scrapbook with Family Photos – Pull out the old photo albums and select special ones to include in your scrapbook.  As your loved one shares fond memories, capture them on inscriptions.    If you want to take the next step and do a photo memorial tribute, Celebrate Me Home can help.  

family scrapbook page

2) Start a Family Tree – One of the most frustrating things for those experiencing memory loss is the inability to remember family members.  Creating a family tree with pictures and brief text explaining each person can be both a fun DIY project and an indispensable tool for your relative. 

family tree3) Watch Home Movies – Fix a favorite snack and gather around the TV to watch family movies.  Another great way to bond with family members and reminisce about happy times.

4) Cuddle and play with an animal – Playing with animals oftentimes brings back memories of childhood and provides a sense of purpose if your love one cares for a pet.

5) Plant a Memory Garden – Carve out an easy spot to get to and plant a small garden.  The plants will serve as a living memorial to your loved one.  Even after they are gone, you and your family will be able to care for the garden and relive memories of creating it.  To honor a lost loved one, check out Celebrate Me Home’s Sympathy Gifts for beautiful plantable seed cards.  

Next week, we’ll review more good ideas to do with a loved one.


What does decaf, donuts and death have in common?


What does decaf, donuts and death have in common?

…..introducing the Death Café


Informal flyers invite all to attend. Groups of people ages 18 to 84, gather in their local coffee shops and book stores to discuss death. There is no formal agenda, group discussions start with a question designed to break the ice and off they go. The conversations range from philosophical ideologies to medical questions. This is the Death Café and they are taking off and gathering steam around the globe.

 Informal flyers invite all to attend. Groups of people ages 18 to 84, gather in their local coffee shops and book stores to discuss death. There is no formal agenda, group discussions start with a question designed to break the ice and off they go. The conversations range from philosophical ideologies to medical questions. This is the Death Café and they are taking off and gathering steam around the globe.

The importance of this movement is clear, people want more information about death and dying. Society understands that death and dying are a natural part of life and the more society discusses this, the more educated and empowered we are to navigate our own final days and those of our loved ones.


The biggest bombshell to emerge for this trend is the desire to begin conversations about end-of-life wishes with aging parents and other family members. Suggestions have been made to have these discussions yearly, possibly around the holidays, because generally extend family gathers together to celebrate and wishes may change, so staying current is important.


Celebrate Me Home helps families start the conversation about end-of-life planning with an eaCMH-Planning-Guide coversy to follow Memorial Planning Guide. Committed to supporting families through the preplanning process or at the time of a loss, Celebrate Me Home’s compassionate Memorial Planners offer guidance every step of the way. Celebrate Me Home helps families plan a ceremony that is meaningful, provides peace of mind and can be tailored to fit any budget. For more information on end-of-life planning and how Celebrate Me Home can help you, contact us at (203) 221-6885.


The Best Funeral Ever!

TLC recently tried out a new reality show, and the public is dying to participate. No, really, they are! The show is based around a Texas based funeral home that caters to unique, eccentric funeral goers. For 26 years, they have created and designed “home goings” with themes ranging from bowling to outer space.bowling funeral
TLC decided to cancel the show, but it can’t stop the trends promoting Funeral changes. No longer do families want the somber funeral, where quests are forced to view their embalmed loved one. Families want the focus to be on their loved one’s life. They want a Celebration! Where the ceremony provides an atmosphere that is a unique as their loved one.


Balloon Release

Spiritually up-lifting balloon release ceremony

Celebrate Me Home’s mission is to support families through the memorial process, helping them to design a ceremony that provides value and meaning to their loved one’s life. Focusing on telling a life story and encourage a ceremony that is both personal and meaningful.

Compassionate, trustworthy Memorial Planners offer support and guidance, either at the time of a loss or through the preplanning process. Through experience, resources and education, Celebrate Me Home helps families make the many decisions involved, helping families economically by avoiding “emotional over spending” at a time of distress, and creating a meaningful ceremony that promotes peace of mind.


Congratulations Celebrate Me Home!

The votes are in! Celebrate Me Home is the recipient of the Connecticut Better Business Bureau’s 2013 Business/Consumer Education Award.

BBBThis prestigious award is given to businesses that have proven to provide high ethical standards while conducting their services and educating consumers and companies on topics related to their industry of expertise.

Celebrate Me Home has been recognized for its proven commitment to providing compassionate support and guidance to their families. Celebrate Me Home is passionate about empowering the community, providing them with valuable information about the funeral industry. Making available the wide variety of choices to the consumer, helping families make choices based on fact and avoid “emotional over spending” in times of stress. By partnering with business who share the same high ethical standards, Celebrate Me Home helps to promote high industry standards

Celebrate Me Home offers a Journaling program to Senior Centers around Fairfield County, Honoring a Life’s Legacy Through Journaling. This program provides seniors with theCongratsCMH opportunity to reflect on their lives and record meaningful memories to impart insight and joy. This allows for seniors to share family history and start the conversation on how they would like to be remembered. Celebrate me home helps seniors become an active part in their end of life planning which helps ease the stress of decision making and provides peace of mind for family members.

Celebrate Me Home’s Anticipatory Grief program is designed to aid family and paid caregivers, offering solutions on starting conversations about how one would like to be remembered, providing materials for ease in preplanning and educating on the importance of the memorial process as it is related to grief.  Proving that participating in a memorial ceremony provides a sense of closure, allows for families and friends to share loving memories, creates a support system and shortens the grieving period.

Whether you have just lost a loved one, anticipating a loss or are ready to start the preplanning process, Celebrate Me Home is here to support you. Our compassionate Memorial Planners are here to guide you every step of the way. For more information visit,  If you need immediate assistance, please call (203) 221-6885.


Drive Thru ……..Funerals?

Drive Thru ……..Funerals?

Today, we speed our lives in the fast lane. We have fast paced careers, we join clubs, play sports, volunteer, and raise our children to join clubs and activities from cub scouts to football, requiring a family app. to keep our schedules organized. We are hard-working over achievers, who play just as hard as we work, and we are raising our children to be prepared for a life in the fast lane too.

As a society we are accustomed to this accelerated pace. The modern convenience of the drive thru has helped us to keep our lives on tract. The idea of the drive thru became popular with the invention of “fast food”, making the luxury of fast food faster! Now, we use the drive thru to get our prescriptions, our car washed, our banking done, our groceries and even our dry cleaning can be picked up or dropped off, all without ever leaving our cars!

Now a bizarre change is taking place in the funeral experience and is being experimented with at Southern California Funeral home. The Drive thru funeral! The side of the buildingis a plate glass window, where your loved one is decked out in their Sunday finest. Mourners can drive thru the parking lot, look upon their loved one and continue on their way. Leaving one to wonder, is this the legacy we want to leave behind? Equating our life to a fast food meal?

USA/Just like a greasy fast food burger, this leaves a sour taste in the mouths of most mourners. A life lived should be valued and celebrated. The ceremony that follows the end of your loved one’s journey should bring meaning and value. Celebrate Me Home works with families to create a personalized meaningful ceremony, providing lasting memories and meaning for generations. Celebrate Me Home offers a variety of services and creative ideas that help to develop a service that captures the uniqueness of your loved one. Contact Celebrate Me Home to see how we can help you.






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