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Drive Thru ……..Funerals?

Drive Thru ……..Funerals?

Today, we speed our lives in the fast lane. We have fast paced careers, we join clubs, play sports, volunteer, and raise our children to join clubs and activities from cub scouts to football, requiring a family app. to keep our schedules organized. We are hard-working over achievers, who play just as hard as we work, and we are raising our children to be prepared for a life in the fast lane too.

As a society we are accustomed to this accelerated pace. The modern convenience of the drive thru has helped us to keep our lives on tract. The idea of the drive thru became popular with the invention of “fast food”, making the luxury of fast food faster! Now, we use the drive thru to get our prescriptions, our car washed, our banking done, our groceries and even our dry cleaning can be picked up or dropped off, all without ever leaving our cars!

Now a bizarre change is taking place in the funeral experience and is being experimented with at Southern California Funeral home. The Drive thru funeral! The side of the buildingis a plate glass window, where your loved one is decked out in their Sunday finest. Mourners can drive thru the parking lot, look upon their loved one and continue on their way. Leaving one to wonder, is this the legacy we want to leave behind? Equating our life to a fast food meal?

USA/Just like a greasy fast food burger, this leaves a sour taste in the mouths of most mourners. A life lived should be valued and celebrated. The ceremony that follows the end of your loved one’s journey should bring meaning and value. Celebrate Me Home works with families to create a personalized meaningful ceremony, providing lasting memories and meaning for generations. Celebrate Me Home offers a variety of services and creative ideas that help to develop a service that captures the uniqueness of your loved one. Contact Celebrate Me Home to see how we can help you.






No More Gloomy Funerals!

The votes are in! Recently 160 people, ages 50-70, were interviewed by the Funeral Service Foundation. The results are NOT surprising!  Funeral homes are sad, dark and gloomy! Consumers agree the muted colors and soft lighting in funeral homes across the nation create feelings of unease and the sensations of being “in a tomb”.  Families feel “cold, confined and forced to face their own reality.”

garden lightsDifferent from the generation before them, Boomers have an intense interest in talking about death and dying. They want to know their end-of-life-options and celebrating their life creatively is important to them. That’s where Celebrate Me Home steps in! We help you preplan the memorial service you have lived your life for. Your celebration will be designed to reflect your unique personality. You choose the perfect setting; the golf course, the beach or a winery. Celebrate Me Home allows for your creativity and gives you an opportunity to portray your beliefs, attitude and unique character. We encourage your friends and family to be active participants in telling your story. Promoting the idea of “Only Your Imagination Limits Your Celebration!”


The Power of Love

Milestones like reaching 100 years old and celebrating a 75thwedding anniversary are rare, but on the rise with life expectancy rates changing. However, the power of love for this generation is stronger than ever. They have survived the Great Depression, fought in world wars, they have seen their sons go off to fight in conflicts around the globe and have witnessed men walking on the moon, all while successfully thriving in the institute of marriage. Future generations will certainly benefit from the increased technological advances the medical society has to offer, increasing life expectancy for us all. However, with the divorce rate on the rise, wedding anniversaries reaching milestone years are becoming rare.

63 Years

Jerry and Edith Dunn, who had been married 63 years, know the power of love. The couple was born in 1931 and had been together since high school. With both approaching 82, Jerry knew the end of his life was drawing near. He went to sleep Wednesday evening and died peacefully in his sleep sometime early Thursday morning. His wife Edith followed soon after, a few hours later. Family members found comfort knowing neither would have to continue without the love of the other and found great peace knowing they found eternal peace together.

75 YearsHelen and Les Brown were both born on New Year’s Eve in 1918. They were married for 75 years.  In 2013, Helen died on July 16th, Les died the following day, July 17th. The couple met in high school, and found great joy in the life they created together.

Both families celebrated the couples love and their life together and honored them with joint memorial services. Celebrate Me Home creates unique memorials that honor a life’s legacy. We collaborate with families to create meaningful ceremonies, living life celebrations, memorials to honor a lost loved one and celebrations of life on birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. Contact Celebrate Me Home for more information, or visit us at


Sad, Dark and Gloomy

Funeral homes around the country are experiencing up to a 27% decrease in business revenue. The October 17, 2013 blog stated 5 reasons for funeral home failure.  Coming in at number 4, Poor Communication.  In 1-3 words, 500 consumers were asked to describe their last funeral home experience.  The results were jaw dropping.

sad,dark,gloomyWords like sad and depressing seem normal enough.  After all, you are there to say goodbye to a loved one. However; words like scary, gloomy, pricey and bad are not the words most people want to be used when remembering their final goodbyes.  Non-traditional memorial services by-pass the funeral home experience.  Celebrate Me Home develops unique personalized memorial services. Working together with you and your family we handle all the details to saying goodbye in a respectful way. Honoring a life’s legacy.  No gloomy allowed!


Honoring Our Veterans

At exactly 11 AM, every November 11th, members from each United States military branch assemble at Arlington National Cemetery and render a heart moving ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

UnknownTombIn 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill honoring the observance of Veteran’s Day.  Unlike Memorial Day, that only honors America’s fallen soldiers, Veteran’s Day was created to honor all personal that serve or have served in our countries military.

This Veteran’s day, enjoy the day off and the parades, but please remember to honor the brave and valiant people who choose to protect our homes, our freedoms and our country. God Bless America!


A Major Undertaking: Rethinking the Funeral

Gone are dimly lit funeral homes with the cloying smell of flowers and gloomy organ music, where family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances march solemnly by a casket. The cookie cutter funeral was created and no one complained.  But now, enter Celebrate Me Home.  


70 million of America’s baby boomers are turning 65.  But as with everything else in their lives, these individuals are approaching retirement and their “golden years” with a zest for change.

This generation has had an impact for change on every aspect and milestone in their lives. They have forced change with their views on the environment, travel, healthcare and now, death.

Boomers want to be remembered in a positive way. They want their life to be celebrated in a treasured place that holds wonderful memories, surrounded by family and friends laughing, listening to favorite music and enjoying favorite foods.

Collaborating with you, Celebrate Me Home creates unique, personalized memorial services.  We provide all the services funeral homes do and even more for those wishing to bypass the traditional funeral. 


Good Grief!


Good Grief

The loss of a loved one is inevitable, followed by the feeling of grief, which is unavoidable. For some of us, our instinct might be to avoid it. Resulting in prolonging the grief we feel, sometimes extending it by a full year or more. Therefore, it is crucial to allow yourself to feel and express your grief from the beginning.

Learning to cope with grief can be challenging, but it allows us to put our loss into perspective and remember our relationships. Grief is a very personal process, but overwhelmingly research shows that memorializing a loved one aids in the process of healing.

You can ease your grief through pre-planning.  By pre-planning, our Memorial Planners will help ensure final wishes will be met. This gives families the ability to cope with the loss and reminisce with friends and family.


“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”

Just like in every aspect of their lives, Baby Boomers strive for control over their end-of-life decisions.

Boomer S.S.

Boomers want to be remembered for the way they lived.  They want their final remembrance to be a “Life Celebration”, focusing on the positive aspects and achievements of their lives. Gone are the somber traditional funeral services of their parent’s generations, where mourners wept over the embalmed body.

Nothing intimidates their celebration, not even the prospect of death. Funeral Homes have reported a 10.2% increase in their preplanning revenue, with their average customer being 63 years old. Pre-planning insures you will be remembered how you choose. Boomers also find great satisfaction knowing their families’ responsibilities will be eased in their time of loss.

The trend is for a more personalized ceremony that honors the life. Contact Celebrate Me Home for more information on how to preplan a unique memorial ceremony that is designed to represent your individuality.


My Way Out!

Baby Boomers are creating change in end-of-life care and Celebrate Me Home is right there with them.

These generations of empowered individuals are known for pushing boundaries and breaking the rules. Why would the process of death stop them from getting what they want? Boomers want to be remembered in a way that reflects their unique spirit. They are tearing down the familiarity of funeral home goodbyes and have started a trend of personalized memorial services. Environmentally friendly caskets made from willow, sea grass and bamboo, life celebrations where cremated remains are scattered at wineries, over the ocean during a beautiful sunset on a much loved beach or becoming part of an eternal reef and creating an everlasting habitat for sea life. This is the way these folks want to go out-BIG!

My Way OutDeath doesn’t scare this group! Playing, working and living large are their mantra! Death and their celebration following it entice them. They want a say in how it all plays out. They want control over the food served, the venue, the music and the celebration!

Celebrate Me Home services are ready to the “Me Generation” on the social media circuit. Find us at, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Finally, we realize the memorial service in not the end all. These folks also want peace of mind knowing their families will be supported throughout the healing process. Find grief resources at


We Can Be Anything We Want To Be!

Cremation is on the rise. Cremation costs approximately $5,000 less than a traditional funeral with burial, even though for some this is the driving factor, for others it means a more natural approach to death and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Celebrate Me Home realizes that death is personal. The cremation option allows for personalization and flexibility for families to honor their lost loved one on their terms.


A chart that shows the growth of cremation

The increase in the cremation rate is projecting that “1 out of 2 Americans” will be cremated by 2017. No longer will we have the time constraints traditional funerals forced on us. Cremation allows us to be more creative in how we want to be remembered. For instance, George Alan Thompson II, Big Al, was a fishing enthusiast; now his cremains are a reef in his favorite fishing spot. His wife felt a sense of joy knowing for eternity Big Al would be a natural part of an environment he always loved.

With cremation, you can keep your loved one with you or send them into space. You can show case them in an urn that reflects a favorite hobby, sport or rock band. You can create a piece of garden art or beautiful jewelry, or you can choose a bio-degradable urn made of paper and embedded with flower seeds ready to plant. Your wishes will be met with Celebrate Me Home.  Only your imagination limits your celebration.


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